#23 Judy and Carol

I feel like I have to keep trying things in order to discover something that might help.

I share my correspondence with my friend, Carol, from my on-line Dry Eye Support Group. Her words are in blue.

Losing a child must be the worst possible life event. You have had more than your share, yet your attitude seems so positive about facing challenges.

Finding strength when one feels so depleted and hopeless is very hard. Distractions probably do help as they get your mind focusing on something besides eye problem. This is still new to me: realizing it is chronic and won’t go away as I was originally led to believe.

I am happy to read yours don’t hurt as much as they once did. How long did that take? There are so many things to try yet so little seems to provide relief. Your mindset is a lot more positive than mine is now!! But your words and support do give some hope. Thanks, again, I really appreciate it


I’m still learning how to accept this condition. A wonderful woman also helped me when I was down.

I know you are just beginning this stuff. It’s one thing to try remedies with hope of relief, but for me, the hardest part was when those things made my eyes worse! I tried testosterone cream and it burned so much. I went on hormone replacement therapy that not only didn’t help, it made me even more miserable. The one thing I hoped would help were serum tears; they set me way back. I had a terrible reaction from Doxycycline, too.

But I feel like I have to keep trying things in order to discover something that might help.

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