#24 Judy and Carol

Wish I had known more before I had cataract surgery that brought this condition upon me. I wouldn’t have done it knowing what I do now.

I share my correspondence with my friend, Carol, from my on-line Dry Eye Support Group. Her words are in blue.

Judy, testosterone cream sounds awful!! A friend said she tried Restasis and it burned so badly, she stopped after 4 days! It is so expensive to try and that’s awful when it doesn’t help. I have not tried it and serum tears sound pretty awful too.

I must give you credit for getting me out in the car by MYSELF a today!! I saw a movie, which was just what I needed. I heard your voice telling me I should try because you said (and I paraphrase) that you feel better when you add diversion. It was true today for me and I thank you. You have truly been inspiring and so helpful!!

Carol, I am so happy you did this diversion of going to see an uplifting movie. It is absolutely amazing how our mind can help us feel better. Awesome!!!

Things that seem awful become tempting when you hear it could be a cure. And for serum tears, I had to travel really far to have the blood drawn. I still have vials of them in my freezer. I put in only a few drops and then my eyes swelled up and I couldn’t see well for days. It probably took me a month to feel better.

I use Restasis eye drops, but I don’t think they help at all. But I’m afraid to stop, because then my eyes might get worse.

I’m so glad I’ve been inspiring. Don’t give up hope and certainly it’s important to live your life despite this condition. Good job!

Yes, our mind can channel positively. I was in a deep dark hole, so you can understand how much you have helped me already. How awful for it to take a month to recuperate from those tears!!!!

I hate all the drops myself and sometimes they really seem to make me feel worse. Yet my eyes are dry, so I do what I am told by my doctor. Living life day by day has been challenging and sometimes hour by hour is difficult. Thank you for letting me “talk” and being so understanding.

I wish I had known more before I had cataract surgery that brought this condition upon me. I wouldn’t have done it knowing what I do now.

I’m so sorry you regret the surgery you had. Unfortunately, there are percentages and sometimes those rare complications happen to someone! I had cataract surgery; I also wish I were one of those people who loved the result.

I do realize rare complications do happen, but I just didn’t think it would happen to me!!! I had cataract surgery, too, but I also agreed to laser astigmatism correction. The lure of being able to see without glasses was too much to resist. I think that was the mistake, although no one will say. And to add insult to injury, I wasn’t totally corrected so I still have to wear glasses.

At least I am older. When I read comments from people in their 20s with eye miseries, I feel so bad for them. 
Again, thanks for all your support and information. You have been so much help.

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