I think laughter is so healing and big help in dealing with chronic pain.

This post is taken from my Facebook Dry Eye Support Group. I am sharing something that actually carries a little bit of humor.

LORI: Seriously? I have a drop for every occasion!

Lots of Tears

SUSAN: Nice stash! I know. I have about six different ones myself, including the ones that didn’t work!

LORI: My hubby says my bathroom looks like an isle at Walmart!

‪JOYCE: Did you break into my house?

CAROL: Looks like my closet. Plus some.‪

MARGARET: I have a few too. But mostly stick with two.

JUDY: Oh, drop it! I sensed your post was “dripping” with sarcasm. I sure wish I had something more “refreshing” to add! (I love puns!)‪‪

LORI: You’re awesome Judy!

JUDY: Aw! It’s nice to know my puns are appreciated. My puns appear in the “blink of an eye!” But I just can’t “Systane” them!

LORI: I actually have eye drops on my shopping list today and my husband says ARE YOU SERIOUS? Lol. I think I need a 12-step program.

‪CAROL: There’s probably a 12 Step Drop lol!!‪

KOSTA: The first step to beating addiction is admitting you have a problem.‪

JUDY: I think it’s the other way around. We already know we have a problem and the “addiction” is really just a desperate coping measure!

‪ KOSTA: Judy, you’re right.

‪LORI: I put drops in when I’m alone. I hide the amount of times I put drops in from my friends/family. I lie about the $$$$$$$$$$ I spend on my drops to my husband. I sneak around to different stores when I find a sale on drops but I don’t have a problem though. I could stop if I wanted to . . .

DONNA: This whole post is cracking me up!!! My dear friends, I needed a laugh!!!!

JUDY: Me, too. I think laughter is so healing and big help in dealing with chronic pain.

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