Two months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to share my story. I was “discovered” by Remedy Health Media because of my inspirational writing about dealing with my dry eye syndrome.

Writing from my heart has led me to so many wonderful connections. Two months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to share my story. I was “discovered” by Remedy Health Media because of my inspirational writing about dealing with my dry eye syndrome.

I shared the experience of being filmed on the first part of this story:


To see the video at Remedy Health Media’s site, click the link below:


I think the most beautiful part of this video was sharing the experience with my childhood friend, Joni Lautman. We’ve known each other since childhood. I am currently living in the coop where I grew up – my parents are gone and I chose to live in my childhood apartment, rather than sell it.

Joni lived in the same coop and we played together from the time we were toddlers. In fact, there is a photo that was used in the video where we are sitting in front of the same apartment where Joni grew up.

This was taken in 1978
This was taken in 1978
This was taken for the video in 2016
This was taken for the video in 2016

The video film-shoot involved approximately 5 hours of film footage and 75 minutes of audio; all of that was used to create a 3½-minute video!

I wondered how the video would be edited and I thought they did a wonderful job. It was very touching and when I shared it with friends, I received many beautiful responses.

Music has helped me cope with many challenges since I began playing my guitar again in 2010, which was actually two years before I developed dry eye syndrome in 2012. The video tended to slant much more toward my rediscovery of music than to how I’ve dealt with dry eyes.

I was able to obtain the audio out-takes from Remedy Health Media. I have separated them into 6-8 minute segments, in case anyone has the time and interest to hear more about my story.

On this post, I share them as MP3 audio that can be downloaded. On YouTube, I’ve created a channel with them in a video format. That channel can be accessed with the link below:



Judy & Joni Dialogs: (Click the blue links to play audio)

Judy & Joni Dialog #1

Joni and I talk about how we’ve known each other all our lives. I share how my dry eye problems began in 2012 shortly after cataract surgeries.

Judy & Joni Dialog #2

I talk about how I started to find hope of healing through my dry eye support group. The remedies were sometimes very discouraging when they failed, but eventually some of them did help.

Judy & Joni Dialog #3

I talk about how I’ve cope with guilt over managing better than other people with this condition. Joni mentions how she had never heard about dry eye syndrome before and I talk about the difficulties of finding relief while pretending I was okay.

Judy & Joni Dialog #4

I talk about how dry eye syndrome changed my thinking and made me more compassionate. My eye condition improved when I discovered my eyelids were irritated due to a possible allergy and I discontinued my regimen. Writing songs helped me express so many feelings and help me to cope.

Judy & Joni Dialog #5

I talk about how I coped with being a caregiver. When I began to write about my life on this blog, I released so much of my pain and sadness. I became a new person. Joni was “instrumental” in my rediscovering my music. Her encouragement was the reason I began to play my guitar again after 30 years.

Judy & Joni Dialog #6

I talk about how my music turned my life around. All of the songs I began writing were songs that helped me change my life. When I touch people with my music, I am fueled and completely inspired.

Judy & Joni Dialog #7

I talk about how I’ve coped with the depression from dry eye syndrome. I talk about how I maintain hopefulness. I believe in using the power of my thought to feel better.

Judy & Joni Dialog #8

I talk about healing from grief and how my music fuels my life. I am still struggling with dry eyes, but I am able to manage with it. Sharing my feelings through my music helps me to cope in a beautiful way. I am compelled to be honest.

Judy & Joni Dialog #9

For this video, I talk about my gratefulness over how my condition improved. I share hypnotherapy concepts that have helped me deal with my discomfort.

Judy & Joni Dialog #10

I talk about how support and understanding makes a difference when dealing with dry eye syndrome. I feel inspired if I can help others cope with their condition in a positive way. Words hold a lot of power and by re-framing my thoughts I am better able to deal with my eye condition and life in general.

Judy & Joni Dialog #11

I talk about how music saved me and made me joyful. Joni and I became close again and I became a different person. My eye problem is simply part of my journey. Learning to deal with it is something I do because every day is precious to me. I can’t wait to live any longer and plan to make the most of every day.

judy-joni-1 judy-joni-2 judy-joni-3 judy-joni-4 judy-joni-5 judy-joni-6 judy-joni-7 judy-joni-8 judy-joni-9 judy-joni-10 judy-joni-11

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!

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