#39 Judy and Carol

I feel like that inspirational eye video I participated in came too soon. I know I was still inspirational, but it sure would be great if I had solved my chronic eye discomfort.

On Jul 15, 2016, Carol wrote:

Hi, Judy,

July half over!! Time flying!! Looking forward to cooler days, though, as heat has been bad. Your video shoot must be done by now. That was a very different thing to do.  

I’m still doing “less is more” with eyes; some days are better than others. I hope you are doing better too.

Take care, Carol


On Jul 15, 2016, Judy wrote:

Hi Carol,

It was so nice to hear from you this morning. It’s been awhile so I have a lot going on to share. The video shoot was definitely a great experience. It was so exciting that I was able to forget how much my eyes bothered me. I wonder if I truly conveyed the suffering this condition causes me.

Either way, if anything I said helps other people – then it was worth opening up my heart to share how I cope. And of course, am still coping! This past week was really hard for me because I had a terrible cold.

My eyes took a big hit and hurt me terribly. On top of that, I had another outbreak of hives. So I was itching and coughing all week. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt well. I also have been woken up in the mornings with awful leg cramps and heartburn.

I finally decided to try something new to help myself feel better. I made an appointment with a naturopathic doctor. It’s going to be this coming Wednesday. I had to fill out 9 pages for the intake. I know it will involve some radical changes – but I’m ready. When I tried paleo diet before, I was unsure of everything and gave up after a few months. This time I’m hoping I’ll get some guidance and that will make the difference.

Today I have more news. I decided to see a friend’s highly recommended optometrist. I know that optometrists can also treat dry eye, so I was hoping for some other new ideas.

This doctor was lovely and she explained so many things to me that made sense. She said my meibomium glands were pretty open, but my eyelids were severely irritated.

Right away, she felt it was an allergy.

I told her Claritin and allergy drops hadn’t helped. She felt allergy drops might have irritated my eyes with preservatives. I was impressed when she did some research and found some that were preservative-free. I ordered them on Amazon with a rush when I got home. I’m seeing her again in two weeks and will see if these drops help.

As far as my vision, she said I’d be a great candidate for scleral lenses. That could solve my vision and dry eye issues (hopefully!). It’s very expensive, but now I’m willing to try.

I feel like that inspirational eye video I participated in came too soon. I know I was still inspirational, but it sure would be great if I had solved my chronic eye discomfort.

I will continue to keep trying and trying! I’ll definitely let you know how it goes with the new naturopathic doctor next week.

In the meantime, hope you have a good weekend and aren’t boiling over there.


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