#27 Judy and Carol

We need to take care of ourselves with this eye condition. Let’s never lose our hope.

I share my correspondence with my friend, Carol, from my on-line Dry Eye Support Group. Her words are in blue.

I’m not having such a great day – one of those “burning, stinging” days and trying to blink out that foreign body that cannot be blinked out. But I am thinking of your role modeling and trying hard to stay diverted. I’m feeling really down today because my daughter and two grandkids went on vacation and if I weren’t dealing with this eye mess, I would have been with them.

I am sorry that you weren’t able to go with your daughter. One day, you will feel better and when that day comes and you are “out and about,” it will be fantastic for you. Keep reminding yourself that will happen. Our mind is very powerful and can influence outcomes. Keep trying things. I am doing that, too. It is very important. Just came back from singing – so all is well for me. My eyes are a bit foggy and weird, but I hardly noticed them as much. So I’m very happy about that!

Your positive approach is an inspiration. I thought the dry eye group was a lifeline when I first found it. But I see how so many people have been struggling for so long and trying every possible way to deal with this horrible problem that won’t go away. I find that very discouraging. I have an appointment today with a dry eye specialist. I don’t expect a miracle now and only a few months ago I thought this would heal.

I think it is important to hear success stories to maintain hope. Attitude goes a long way toward healing. I like to think when something comes; it can leave the same way. I’ve had other conditions in my life that were probably stress-related (psoriasis, colitis) and they went away. It’s baby steps and you just keep trying things! Please let me know how your appointment goes.

You are right that success stories are good. Yesterday at my appointment, I had a Lipiflow treatment – it felt good while it was being done, but it was pricey. I was given a prescription for Restasis, and will try it. We are willing to try anything, aren’t we? I walked out of new doc’s office yesterday in tears. I’m still having had time accepting this happened to ME!! But why not me? I know that dark place. I keep going through the motions, but wonder if it is worthwhile if this never ends.

Thank you for updating me about your appointment. I remember so well going to my car to cry after doctor appointments. Why can’t doctors understand this kind of agony? It’s horrible and it does make us desperate.

I tried a new eye drop for a few weeks and it burned and didn’t help. (It was called Azasite, and it’s supposed to help Blepharitis symptoms). Then I used Cliradex wipes for the last few days (tree tea oil), which was another remedy the doctor thought would be worth trying. Today, my eyelids are burning so much and I’m in a lot of pain again. I hate trying things that make my eyes worse!

On my better days, the pain is manageable. I’ve accepted the fog and floaters. If I get depressed, then I am in more pain. I still hope there will be a cure for me someday. I pray you are feeling better and that something will get you to a better place. Hang in there – it will come.

I find it very depressing that life is passing me by. I am glad I didn’t develop this when I was much younger as some have. But feel it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had the surgeries I did. You know how that is.

Today was one of my worst eye days in a long time. I am feeling very teary for someone with dry eyes. So I get to vent to you – it’s my turn.

All day long, my eyelids ached and I was in pain with foggy vision. I have so many things I want to do, but it’s hard to concentrate. I am fighting and struggling to overcome it.

You left such a supportive comment on the dry eye site yesterday; it was to comfort someone who was desperate. No one would have known you had such a bad day; you are so kind.

Every comment I make to help someone else, is something I tell myself when I am discouraged. That’s why I know about encouragement. I’ve lived with a lot of heartache and it sure helps when I see things as temporary.

I am having a hard time emotionally today as it is exactly six months since I was healthy!! February of 2015 was when I had cataract surgery that sent me down this path. If I had only had some inkling but as you said, it is better to accept it. But I am still bogged down hating it more times than not and it does make me depressed.

After 3 years of managing, I am sure you have been there and mostly risen above. I sure hope so. The one positive is I “met” you!!! 
Hope, hope, HOPE!

Hi Carol, we need to take care of ourselves with this eye condition. Your last line says it all. Let’s never lose our hope.

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